Team Continuity and Investment Philosophy

One of the biggest challenges an investment firm faces is maintaining conceptual and process continuity when a key person such a founding partner or CIO leaves the firm. One of the most powerful—and least recognized—team transition tools available to investment firms is their investment philosophy. A genuinely shared investment philosophy transcends the tenure of any one individual and can be a source of stability during times of transition.

Internally, it helps remaining staff stay the course, continuing to implement the firm’s beliefs about the markets even as they adapt to new leadership. And, all things being equal, clients, consultants and potential investors are reassured when they see that a firm’s investment philosophy is deeply embedded in the remaining team and not merely a reflection of the personal belief system of a key individual.

To learn more about the benefits of investment philosophy, we invite you to read our recent paper, “Rethinking Investment Philosophy,” by John Minahan and Thusith Mahanama.* Just click on the link below to read an executive summary.


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