Do your clients see you as Joltin’ Joe or Shoeless Joe?

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Winning streaks are impressive, but clients tend to discount them. Are they reliable indicators of skill or just lucky accidents? And, perhaps more important, can they offer insight into your future performance prospects?

In this paper, “Are you making the most of your winning streaks? Why clients discount them and what you can do about it,” we turn our attention to Joe DiMaggio, Steven Jay Gould and others to learn what, if anything, investment performance winning streaks say about future performance —and how managers can use that information to communicate more effectively with clients.

Give your clients a complete scorecard
Be sure your clients have all the information they need to assess your ability to sustain and replicate winning streaks — preferably in a regular report that highlights the duration of your portfolio’s winning streaks over the long term.

Here’s an example of a simple winning streak chart your can use in marketing materials or client presentations:

An example of a simple winning streak chart.

Showing your clients the frequency, duration and magnitude of your performance winning streaks will go a long way toward …

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