New Year! New Looks! It’s time for new presentation books!

Your firm’s marketing presentations and client reports are viewed by hundreds of asset owners, consultants and trustees every year. They are arguably the most public face of your firm, shaping impressions each time they are reviewed.

When was the last time your firm updated your client report package or marketing presentations? Most asset managers do a periodic marketing material makeover, but client reports are often an afterthought. And even when doing a makeover, firms rarely pay enough attention to the three pillars of professional presentation materials—color, font and information organization.

At Assette, we see a lot of asset manager presentations and reports, and these pillars are usually neglected in favor of flashy graphics. Lacking a solid design foundation, graphic elements are like runaway balloons—your audience has nothing to ground them, and your messaging is lost. As an industry, we can do better!

First impressions matter

That’s why we’re launching “First Impressions Matter,” a series of 3 papers designed to help institutional asset managers evaluate their current report/presentation templates with an eye toward the 3 oft-neglected pillars of color, font and information organization. We also provide best practices for creating a powerful, positive first impression through their public-facing marketing presentations and client reports. Each paper will be supported by a complimentary webinar co-hosted with PAICR.

Learn how color affects your audience

Our kick-off paper, “First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Color in Investment Management Presentations and Reporting,” explains how color can affect viewer behavior and provides actionable steps for selecting a color palette that will support your firm’s professional image. You can read the full paper, along with colorful examples, here.

Don’t miss the webinar!

On January 30, 3-4 p.m., Prof. Joyce Walsh of Boston University’s Department of Communication will present “First Impressions Matter: Importance of Color in Marketing and Client Communications.” During the webinar, she’ll discuss why color matters and how investment management firms can use it for maximum impact in marketing and client materials. Register here.

Make 2015 the year your firm updates your marketing presentations and client reports to create a contemporary, client-friendly impression!

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