Incomplete Data in eVestment Can Eliminate You from Searches

Did you know that some consultants are now running negative screens for missing information on their manager databases? Investment firms with holes or incomplete data elements can be eliminated from qualified searches. And saying “Whoops! Sorry, we missed that one!” won’t help. Even if you correct the omission, it can take several reporting cycles for your firm to be back in contention.

Incomplete data in manager databases is almost always the result of “last-mile” errors caused by manual or quasi-automated processes used to populate these databases.

With Assette, you can now automatically generate the files you upload to eVestment in three easy steps, eliminating manual errors and saving time.

  • Automatically send performance and analytics data
  • Easily update any changes to personnel
  • Click a few buttons to generate the full set of Excel files in seconds!

It is that simple. Click below to learn more about how we automate input for eVestment Omni.


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