Inaccurate Data in eVestment Can “Red Flag” Your Firm

Inaccurate information in manager databases raises a big red flag for consultants and asset owners reviewing your firm. In the worst case, it can take your firm out of contention for new mandates. But even minor errors—especially a pattern of errors over time—can lead to embarrassing questions during client reviews or marketing meetings, and trigger operational due diligence probes by consulting firms.

eVestment Omni does a great job of populating manager databases for you, but it’s still up to you to make sure the data you submit is accurate. Manually preparing these input Excel files can introduce “last-mile” errors that cost you mandates from institutional clients.

With Assette, you can now automatically generate the files you upload to eVestment Omni in three easy steps, eliminating manual errors:

  • Automatically send performance and analytics data
  • Easily update any changes to personnel
  • Click a few buttons to generate the full set of Excel files in seconds!

It is that simple. Click below to learn more about how we automate input for eVestment Omni.


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