Does your investment philosophy have to be unique?

Investment and marketing professionals often say that their philosophy is what makes their firm unique. And some investment consultants and other evaluators also expect each manager to have a unique philosophy. Perhaps they don’t really mean “unique.” Maybe what they expect is “distinctive.” But if they actually mean one-of-a-kind unique, we think this is a mistake.

Your firm’s investment philosophy should be an anchoring element of your brand identity, and it may well differentiate you from many other firms. But your investment philosophy doesn’t need to differentiate your firm from all other firms—in other words, you don’t need to be the only firm in the world that has a particular philosophy in order for your philosophy to be valid.

To learn more about the benefits of investment philosophy, we invite you to read our recent paper, “Rethinking Investment Philosophy,” by John Minahan and Thusith Mahanama.* Just click on the link below to read an executive summary.


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