Investment Management Roundup – Week Ending 3.20.15

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“Who should pay for the benefit of actives?”
Sophia Grene | Financial Times | | 3.15.15

Who should pay for the benefit of actives“Without the work of analysts, the economy would be inefficient and we would all be worse off.”

“How many mutual funds routinely rout the market? Zero.”
Jeff Sommer | New York Times/Your Money/Strategies | | 3.14.15

Very few have outperformed the market consistently“The bull market in stocks turned six last Monday, and despite some rocky stretches — like last week, when the market fell — it has generally been a very pleasant time for money managers, who have often posted good numbers.

Look more closely at those gaudy returns, however, and you may see something startling. The truth is that very few professional investors have actually managed to outperform the rising market consistently over those years.”

“Josh Brooks: Investors Should Be Reading Constantly”
Joshua M. Brown | Reitholz Wealth Management | | 3.15.15

“I heart this video and the idea presented here so much. Setting the pace at an investment firm so that people have the time to read and think about what they’ve read is so critical – and yet so few people in our industry give themselves the time to do so.”


“too beautiful”
tom brakke | tjb research | the research puzzle blog | | 2.10.14

Too beautiful“… If anything, the markets are more messy, contradictory, incomplete, and ambiguous (to use the adjectives that appeared above) than other fields of study, yet we are awash in backtested results and
accept them in a way that doesn’t even allow us to see made-up numbers readily, to say nothing of the run-of-the-mill leaps of logic that underlie much of the ‘science’ of investment management these days.”


“German employers get creative to skirt new minimum wage”
Michelle Martin | Reuters | | 3.12.15

Minimum wageBakers paid with their own buns keeps dough in employers’ pockets.

“From charging slaughterhouse workers for their knives to compensating staff with tanning salon vouchers, German employers are coming up with creative ways to avoid paying a new minimum wage, angering unions.”

“Meme of the Week: Interesting proposition”

Cartoon: I wont be investing

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