Are Your Sales Efforts Sabotaged by Inconsistent Data in RFPs/Databases?

Consultants cross-check the performance numbers and other data in your RFP responses and pitch books against what they have stored in manager databases. Manually induced inconsistencies can automatically bounce you out of qualified searches and/or open your firm up to additional operational due-diligence scrutiny.

Even if discrepancies are easily explained and corrected, the very fact that they slipped through can hurt your firm’s reputation for operational best practices.

With Assette, you can now use a single pool of data to generate all your marketing and client documents, thus preventing “last-mile” errors that cost you mandates from institutional clients.

Producing marketing and client communications is easy with Assette.

  • Automatically send performance and analytics data
  • Update changes to personnel, thinking behind investment decisions, and other qualitative data
  • Click a few buttons to generate pitch books, input for eVestment Omni, GIPS disclosures, client books and more!

It is that simple. Click below to learn more about how we automate the production of marketing and client documents.


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