Another Last-Mile Issue: What’s scarier than being hacked by Wikileaks?

Being monitored by the new, more aggressive SEC.

And they’re all about monitoring managers these days. Consider this:

  • The SEC is beefing up their data analytics capabilities.
  • They’re amping up the volume of data required from investment managers.
  • They’re even forming specialized units to analyze manager data using very sophisticated software.
  • They’re using all this data to profile your firm.

Should the SEC come knocking on your door, your best defense is to demonstrate operational efficiency, tight internal controls and a solid culture of compliance, because:

  • Just being investigated can tarnish your firm’s reputation and raise red flags for prospective clients.
  • Even a whiff of impropriety will cause consultants to drop your firm from their recommended list like a hot penny.
  • Regulatory risk can affect new business revenue and existing client relationships far into the future.

So be vigilant! Next week, we’ll share some common situations that can get you into hot water with the SEC—and how to avoid them.

Assette leads the industry in identifying last-mile problems like these—an idea that the NSCP, IAA and the CFA Institute have highlighted. Click below to read the Executive Summary of our paper, prepared with input from attorney Richard Kerr of K&L Gates LLP, and Amy Jones, CIPM, of Guardian Performance Solutions LLC, discussing regulatory risks in the last mile and recommended solutions.


Assette is also the industry leader in solving last-mile problems with cloud-based software that automatically integrates data from your accounting and analytics systems to generate marketing material and eliminate manual work.

If you’d like to learn more about how Assette can help your firm avoid last mile issues, please click here.

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