3 Must-have Features When Automating the Last Mile

There’s no doubt that automation is the best way to eliminate last-mile risks. Automating the last mile is easy and cost-effective. There are lots of options. You can develop in-house software, purchase and install on-premises applications, or sign up for cloud-based services.

No matter which approach you choose, make sure your automated solution:

  1. Eliminates every human touch point in your process – data should go “straight through” from sources systems to end sales and client documents.

  2. Has built-in checks for required regulatory elements and compliance approvals, with an alert or do-not publish default if the presentation is missing vital pieces.

  3. Provides for a single pool of data, approves it within the system, and only then publishes it for use in various sales and marketing materials.

Assette leads the industry in identifying last-mile problems like these—an idea that the NSCP, IAA and the CFA Institute have highlighted. Click here to read the Executive Summary of our paper, prepared with input from attorney Richard Kerr of K&L Gates LLP, and Amy Jones, CIPM, of Guardian Performance Solutions LLC, discussing regulatory, operational and reputational risks in the last mile and recommended solutions.

Assette is also the industry leader in solving last-mile problems with cloud-based software that automatically integrates data from your accounting and analytics systems to generate marketing material and eliminate manual work.

If you’d like to learn more about how Assette can help your firm avoid last-mile issues, please click here.

Automate The Last-Mile

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